Personal Excellence and Profit Maximisation 

A Different Approach

Mason Partners Consulting provides a range of flexible seminars and workshops in a number of key skill areas tailored to your business need. 

Using audio visual, multimedia in a modular format with energising in room facilitators.

We run programs involving the three modalities of learning visual, auditory and kinaesthetic for maximum retention and for immediate implementation   


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Mason Partners Consulting makes information more personal for participants as they get a chance to dialogue about their own situations and ask questions about  concerns they face in their work place


Become a great place to work, having the organisation managed effectively to gain respect, efficiency and loyalty from your staff. Develop a reputation as having the best leaders in your field with the best most influential employees

Reduce staff turnover.

Commercial rates can be negotiated and the specific issues you may be confronting tackled effectively. We are only a short email away right now or Skype


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Mason Partners Consulting works extensively in the Philippines ,Vietnam and in other SEA countries….We spend around 6-8  months a year outside Australia right now.

We visit the Philippines very regularly and have developed tailor made training sessions for the BPO, Insurance, Real Estate, Chemical trading, banking, finance, software ,food and manufacturing  industries.

Have the best most efficient, professional  and sort after sales force in your industry.

We work with multinational corporations, local organisations  both large and small  ….…Whoever wants to win in the market place .




Our Dynamic Training Options  

We lock in our training schedule to meet your time frames and requirements….


“Leadership Excellence for face to face managers and supervisors

Develop the leadership and professional capabilities of team leaders and managers. All Work is done in teams – Can you lead them?


“Advanced Selling skills for B2B sales partnering”

For sales teams and sales managers who need to lift their skills to achieve higher revenues and profitability.


“Maximum Achievement”

Develop self confidence, communication skills, goal setting and achieving, a success mentality.  Step up to win


“Superior Sales Management”

The vital income generating role in  any organisation but the least understood. Take your team to the next level.


James Hewitt




Our sales team  were Competent, so I thought. But as competition increased dramatically in a rapidly growing economy as in The Philippines it really proved they weren’t well trained, competent or at all professional.


The fact they talked a lot and were outgoing were not the skills needed to be successful…What were they doing in the field that reflected on our company and reputation then?

After attending Advanced Selling Skills training the skill set went up. Sales results increased by 25% in 12 months. A few were let go as they couldn’t get used to the new efforts and skills needed to be successful for us,


We now have a much more professional team who gain referrals and are recommended by new clients in our market segment.


I will use this training again when we get any new hires

Maria Pandanas

BPO Operations Manager  

Our operation is not a multinational organisation but we have to keep our staff on board and motivated to compete for the same contracts.

I noted that one of the keys to keeping staff and reducing staff turnover is the skills of the managers they work for.

Using the High performance Leadership 2 day leadership program we now have greater team work, a high trust environment and a positive high energy environment. Staff turnover has dropped over the last 6 months and our clients are happier with their interaction with us and the feedback they get from their end clients.

I will use this program again as our operation grows and thrives.

Erwin Capastrano 

Account Executive 

I attended the Advanced selling skills program and thought I knew it all.

I am involved in selling banking and financial investments and thought I was a great operator .Recently I found that my clients weren’t calling me back and my repeat sales and enquiries had dropped off.

After attending this course I began to understand why. It not just about being the best dressed and most sociable. I have to build my personal reputation and be seen as a consultant and the most knowledgeable in my field. This course helped me to accomplish this and made me sort out as a leader in this area. My sales have gone through the roof against tough new competitors who are seen as juvenile and naïve now.